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All Australians to Celebrate Indian traditions</strong></p>

    Bringing Together…
    All Australians to Celebrate Indian traditions

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    A Cultural Confluence!

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    Proudly Multi-cultural,

    Diverse and All-inclusive

Our Story

Our Events

Durga Puja

20th Oct, 2023 - 22nd Oct, 2023
Cyprus Community Hall 100 Forrest Street, Ardeer

Further to the roaring success of Durga Puja celebrations this year and the last, UMA remains committed to share with our patrons and communities, the opportunity to revere Goddess Durga and her divine family, together as one, with the same spiritedness, enthusiasm and passion that we are all known for! Join us as we celebrate our Third Year of this Mega Event with more pomp and glory than ever!

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Our Team

Col. Samir Roychowdhury (Retd.)


A retired army veteran, Col. Roychowdhury, loving referred to as “Uncle”, is our senior-most patron, a perfect gentleman and a pillar of strength for UMA. Uncle is a well-known and fondly regarded across the city of Melbourne, and has been a key enabler in bringing Australia and India together, through various aspects, notably by co-ordinating Indian Army Veterans at the ANZAC Day Parade each year.

Dr. Sankar Mondal

Vice President

A medical professional for over 35 years, specializing in Diagnostic Radiology, Dr Mondal is an amazing enthusiast of Indo-Australian cultural traditions and unity. Having spent a lot of his early years in India, the Bahamas and close to a decade in Australia across multiple states, Dr. Mondal is well known in the Indian community for his organizational skills and well thought through proposals. Be it on the field playing tennis or indoors, playing snooker or reading a book, Dr. Mondal stands out for his passion for excellence.

Mr. Partha Sinha


An avid Banker for over 30 years with a passion for bringing people from all backgrounds together, Mr.Sinha is always keen to tap into opportunities that allow that perfect coalesce of Indo-Australian fraternity, sharing and caring! Mr. Sinha brings to the table his thought-leadership, his level headedness and years of experience around managing large festivals and cultural events across several geographies, including Australia, India and the Middle-East.

Mr. Sanchit Banerjee


A Finance professional, well versed across Retail and Wholesale Banking segments, Sanchit is extremely passionate about data and numbers. Sanchit’s focus around dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s and his passion for food, music, celebrations and inclusiveness, positions him perfectly as the custodian of our finances for all our charity endeavours.


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Victoria Govt.
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What Our Friends Say...

“Enjoyed puja very much. Well done guys!! Starting from puja, program, food everything was perfect! All days were well attended, thanks for your hospitality”

Mita Bhattacharya


“It was such a wonderful pujo ... organised like a philanthropic venture and a prime example of what the real spirit of Durga Pujo is all about.. kudos to the organizers for all their hard work, efforts and financial aid”

Sayan Mitra


“I thank on behalf of North Shore Caroline Springs for such a beautiful event. It was well organized”


North Shore Caroline Springs

“Congratulations to UMA for their hard work and the wonderful all round arrangement during the inaugural Durgapuja. No amount of praise is enough for you. Arranging the cultural functions - including Mahalaya and Chitrangada on two successive evenings is no mean feat, my personal thanks to the man who sang "tobo achintya.." Rupa and I throughly enjoyed the 2+-days with you. Subho Bijoya and God Bless you all.”

Dr. Shankar Bhattacharya


“I came at Melbourne to meet my daughter, & son in law, I attended durga pooja in Utsav campus, we are too much satisfied to witness your excellent piece of celebration. God bless you all, Jai Maa Durga.”

Shyamapada Bandopadhyay


“I have never experienced anything like this before”


Glen Waverly

“Your cultural event was simply a class above the rest... take a bow”

Dr. Jana


“Authentic festival to its core”

Mr Barui

Keilor Downs

“The free food served was the best I have ever had in any community event!”

Mr Chatterjee


“The traditional style of conducting Durga Puja, relived in Melbourne”

Dr. Talukdar

Caroline Springs

“The entire arrangement was fabulous..we liked everything”

Arnab Acharjee


“Incomparable friendliness”


Melbourne CBD

“Every aspect of this puja is spectacular”



“The best personal experience ever!”

Amit Chandra

Melbourne CBD

“The way we were invited and attend to, is distinctly different from any other Puja I have ever been to, in Melbourne”

Suman SenGupta


“The coordination, family like treatment and awesome ambience was one of its kind”



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